t's time to take control of your health with the revitalizing power of Nature's Plus® Cleansing Programs! Whether you seek more energy, better digestion, improved cardiovascular function, greater strength, healthy weight loss or simply the best overall health possible, Nature's Plus Cleansing Programs will start you off right! By cleansing out the intestinal and systemic toxins and debris that have been holding you back, these pure, natural and organic cleansing programs will improve your results dramatically! Every herb in each Nature's Plus Revitalizing Cleanse Kit Made with Organic Herbs is grown free of synthetic chemicals and man-made pesticides. Each herb is so pure and so clean that it comes with a valid USNOP Organic Certificate.

COMPLETE BODY CLEANSE: Deep, Revitalizing, Universal Cleanse
3-Part 14-Day Morning & Evening Program

Experience the deep, revitalizing, universal cleanse that can only come from nature's most powerful organic herbs! Rediscover your body's natural strength and energy as this 14-day program gently detoxifies and cleanses throughout the body. Part 1 (morning) detoxifies with prebiotic polysaccharides, organic marine algae, 19 all-organic herbs and organic oat bran (fiber). Part 2 (morning and evening) sequesters toxins from the large intestine with all-organic oat bran, flax seed, acacia gum fiber and prune. Part 3 (evening) provides prebiotics, probiotics, and cleansing and soothing herbs for healthy elimination.

  • Part 1: Herbal Complete Body Detox
  • Part 2: Fiber Complete Body Colon Cleanse
  • Part 3: Herbal Complete Body Colon Cleanse

An optimal cleansing product must address all 9 Vital Factors of Healthy Elimination, and, to ensure purity, it should be certified by a fully licensed USNOP-accredited certifying agency. Only Nature's Plus Revitalizing Cleanse Kits Made with Organic Herbs meet both of these criteria, assuring the highest quality and best results possible.


For comprehensive body detoxification, it is vital to address not only the colon but also organs that filter toxins from the body, such as the liver and kidneys. To help the body perform its detoxification and cleansing functions via the 9 Vital Factors of Healthy Elimination, Nature's Plus Revitalizing Cleanse Kits provide nutrients that support the environment, the structures and the processes themselves. For example, each capsule formula uniquely features prebiotic pullulan polysaccharides to promote healthy bacteria in the gut. Each capsule formula also uniquely provides Algas calcareas, which supports peristalsis. And each kit includes many different herbs that are known to combat oxidative stress. 

Only Nature's Plus Revitalizing Cleanse Kits address The 9 Vital Factors of Healthy Elimination:

  • Stomach
  • Small Intestine
  • Large Intestine
  • Neuromuscular Control:
    • Movement (peristalsis)
    • Containment (cardiac sphincter and pyloric sphincter control)
  • Liver
  • Lymphatic System
  • Kidneys
  • Blood
  • Lungs

Complete Body Cleanse. 14 days

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