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Esberitox is a combination of two types of Echinacea plus two immune-enhancing herbs, Baptisia and Thuja, which arm your body’s defense system for a speedy return to feeling your best!*


Why echinacea?

It supports your immune system health*
Echinacea supports your immune system defenses by arming your body's defense system for a speedy return to feeling your best.*

Why use Esberitox®?

Time-Tested remedy in Europe for more than 90 years and can be used by your entire family.*

Exclusive formula.
Only Esberitox® combines two types of Echinacea with two additional immune-supporting herbs, Baptisia and Thuja.* This gives Esberitox® a broader spectrum of activity than Echinacea alone.* The powerful combination promotes the body's resistive functions by stimulating the production and activity of critical immune cells.*

Feel Better Faster.*
In a study, improvement was noticeable after only two days of supplementation - three days earlier than the placebo group.*

Perfect for the whole family.
Tolerability of Esberitox® has been established for those as young as two years of age.*

Esberitox® is packaged for life on the go. It comes in delicious, chewable tablets that make immune-system support easy and enjoyable.*

Esberitox. 200 chew

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