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Horse Chestnut 400 mg (Standardized Extract) 60 Capsules from Thompson® may aid in circulation‚ and may potentially alleviate swelling and pain due to varicose veins. Scientists reveal that varicose veins are blood vessels that swell up due to restricted circulation. The presence of these "bulging" veins is associated with tiredness‚ feeling of heaviness and can rupture or lead to open sores (also known as ulcers). Varicose veins‚ most commonly found in the legs and thighs‚ may lead to swelling in the legs. Studies claim that laser or sclerotherapy and vein stripping could assuage this condition. However‚ people often consider these methods invasive in nature.

This dietary supplement from Thompson® may improve circulation in varicose veins and other circulatory conditions such as chronic venous insufficiency.

The horse chestnut plant‚ also known as aesculus hippocastanum‚ allegedly contains substances that thin the blood and potentially ease circulation‚ and promote weak loss of fluid through urine to help prevent water retention in the body. Researchers found that the plant's seed‚ bark‚ flower and leaves contain medicinal properties. The seed and the leaf may in a variety of conditions such as varicose veins‚ hemorrhoids‚ and swollen veins (phlebitis). Subsequently‚ the seed is processed to separate the active chemicals. These seeds are then concentrated to form an extract‚ which may benefit a chronic venous insufficiency condition. The seed may also be used in diarrhea‚ fever‚ and enlarged prostate.

Get the Horse Chestnut 400 mg (Standardized Extract) 60 Capsules from Thompson® to boost blood circulation and reduce water retention.

Horse Chestnut 400 mg (Standardized Extract) - 60 Capsules

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