Bee Pollen is a pure, natural food source. Often referred to as Nature's Perfect Food or The Miracle Food, Bee Pollen is the most complete and balanced food in nature. It is the only natural food source known to contain every essential nutrient needed by mankind, and it is easily assimilated in the body.

Bee Pollen contains 96 nutrients including 16 vitamins, 16 minerals, 16 enzymes and coenzymes, and all the essential amino acids. It also contains a variety of sugars, carbohydrates, gums, fats, and oils. The total fats and oils usually make up only about 5% of the pollen.


There are two types of pollen, those that depend on air to spread them to new areas and those that remain in the flower. Bees are attracted to the heavy, sticky pollen that remains on the flowers. Bee Pollen is the male germ cells of flowering plants and is the starting point of production of fruits, grains, legumes, and vegetables. If bees can only reach one color of flower, their pollen will all be the same color. If they can reach a variety of flowers, their pollen will be several different colors. Research has shown, that as bees collect pollen from flowers, they select only those flowers high in nutrients and ignore the poor ones.


This explains why bee pollen contains such highly concentrated amounts of nutrients. Although bees have collected pollen for centuries, it was only a couple of decades ago that beekeepers invented special hives that enabled them to collect the pollen. A series of mesh-like enclosures are set up around the hive. As the bees fly through these enclosures, the pollen pellets fall from the bees' legs and are collected in special containers. Once the pollen is collected, it is dried, cleaned, and prepared for human consumption.


Bee Pollen can be purchased in tablet or granular form. Bee Pollen granules can be sprinkled on foods or mixed with yogurt. However, due to its strong taste, many people prefer to take Bee Pollen in table

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