Lobelia for Respiratory & Stress Support

Lobelia from Solaray is an herbal supplement that may aid the respiratory and nervous system to support normal, healthy breathing and relaxation.


About Lobelia:

Lobelia (lobelia inflata) is a plant with a plethora of uses, but it is primarily known as a respiratory support herb and a nervine. Lobelia acts on the lungs by promoting relaxation and opening of the bronchial passages and reducing the spasms related to unproductive coughs.

Lobelia may help soothe anxious moods, ease muscle tension and help rebalance the nervous system during occasional periods of stress.

  • 50mg Lobelia (lobelia inflate)
  • May offer respiratory support for normal, healthy lung function
  • May help calm the nervous system and promote relaxation
  • May aid smoking cessation
  • Includes ginger root to assist digestion and absorption
  • Solaray guarantees that NO ingredients other than those listed on the label have been added to this product/

Suggested Use for this Lobelia supplement:

If a cough or stress just won't let you sleep, 1 capsule of this lobelia supplement may be able to help you- and your lungs - relax enough to get some much-needed rest, naturally.

Lobelia Solaray. 100Vcap

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