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  • Relax The Muscles & Calm the Nerves

  • 70 mg of Kavalactones



This concentrated extract of the kava kava root provides exact, measured levels of key components called kavalactones. Kava Kava extract may help provide nutritive support for soothing your nerves and relaxing your muscles without making you sleepy. Put your worries behind you with Kava Kava.


South Pacific islanders traditionally consume the herb kava kava as a beverage to support healthy relaxation and socialization. For more than 3.000 years the peoples of Tahiti, Fiji, and Vanuatu have enjoyed this plant's remarkable benefits.


Kava's active compounds are called kavalactones which may support important neurotransmitters and thus have relaxing effects on the muscles and central nervous system.


Consuming Kava Kava typically produces feelings of peace, contentment, and relaxations. Kava Kava root extract is intended to provide nutritive support for a calm cheerful mood and clear mental focus.

Natural Balance Happy Camper® Kava Kava Root Extract. 60 Vegetarian Capsules

SKU: 13754
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