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Nature's Plus Dyno-Mins Potassium is an exciting, revolutionary formulation offering peak mineral support:

  • Dyno-Mins Potassium supplies highest quality Phytavail Potassium from pesticide-free, hydroponically grown plants. Unlike other food grown minerals, Phytavail Potassium is 100% yeast-free.
  • Dyno-Mins Potassium employs the exclusive Dyno-Mins Dynamic Mineral Transport System. Specific organic transporting agents for potassium, including citrate, ascorbate, aspartate and aminoate, maximize Phytavail Potassium bioavailability and utilization.
  • Dyno-Mins Potassium includes rare earth elements that are critical for overall health and well-being.
  • Dyno-Mins Potassium contains true organically bound mineral chelates, specially coated with acid-resistant protection for increased absorption in the intestines. Mineral aminoates are brown rice chelates.
  • Dyno-Mins Potassium enhances Phytavail Potassium absorption and utilization with FOS (fructooligosaccharides). This all-natural prebiotic promotes the growth of friendly intestinal bacteria and helps to maintain a healthy digestive environment.

Suggested Use

Nature's Plus, Dyno-Mins, Potassium, 99 mg, 90 Acid-Resistant Tablets

SKU: 36681
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