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Support Better Health with Black Walnut Hull

Black walnuts are considered to be a superfood, and people in China, Russia, and India have been using them for a number of years for the health benefits that come from the hulls. Solaray offers Black Walnut Hull, a natural supplement that provides 500mg of black walnut in just two capsules to enhance your health.

Health benefits may include the following:

  • Black walnut hull may be useful in the fight against yeast overgrowth in your gastrointestinal tract
  • It may provide beneficial anti-fungal properties
  • Black walnut may be useful in addressing certain skin issues
  • It may help inhibit excessive sweating and provides digestive benefits as well
  • Black walnut may help maintain healthier cholesterol levels, and provide support for a healthier heart
  • It may also help address a sore throat

The only ingredients used in this supplement are the ones listed on the bottle--guaranteed.

Solaray's Black Walnut Hull comes in a capsule form that's easy for adults of all ages to swallow, and can be taken up to two times every day in support of better overall health

Solaray Black Walnut 500 Mg

SKU: 00180
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