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CBD for everyday health

We receive a lot of question about CBD oil and how it relates to everyday health so here is some great info and ask any questions you want about uses... Our brains have receptors that allow chemicals from our food to send these to organs or places in the body to make an organ or system function properly. An example would be like carrots contain carotene to heal the eyes, well our brains also have a receptor for CBD's from Hemp and Marijuana in our stores cases we use and sell CBD from Hemp. When this hemp Cannabidol oil is received by the receptor it allows a communication to start between the food receptor and CBD receptors allowing more healing to unbalanced systems in the body.. Like a cup of coffee we sometimes need 1 cup in the morning other days we need 2 cups and this is the same with CBD some days we may need 1 or 2 mg to make us feel better other days it can take more. Please keep this bolg moving with question and we will try to answer as many questions as we can..

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